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ExtraTrain is a database for exploring Extragenic space and Transcriptional information in bacteria and archaea. Transcriptional regulation processes are the principal mechanisms of adaptation in prokaryotes. In these processes, the regulatory signals located in DNA extragenic non-coding regions and the regulatory proteins are the key elements involved. As all extragenic spaces are putative regulatory regions, ExtraTrain covers all extragenic regions of available genomes andall regulatory proteins included in the UniProt database corresponding to bacteria and archaea.

ExtraTrain provides integrated and easily manageable information for 1.776.341 extragenic regions and for the flanking genes. ExtraTrain supplies a tool to explore extragenic regions, named Palinsight, oriented to detect and search palindromic patterns. This interactive visual tool is totally integrated in the database, allowing the search for regulatory signals in user defined sets of extragenic regions.
ExtraTrain is oriented to the families of regulators AraC / XylS, ArsR, AsnC, Cold shock domain, CRP-FNR, DeoR, GntR, IclR, LacI, LuxR, LysR, MarR, MerR, NtrC/Fis, OmpR and TetR.
b1 672 genomes    b1 1.776.341 extragenic regions    b1 2.181.675 genes    b1 3.362.402 proteins

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